Our harness is ideal for small to medium dogs who:

-hike in the woods

-are senior citizens

-are blind or deaf

-are recovering from either a surgery or injury

-are asocial

-live near a wooded area 


Provides dogs with a protective harness used to deter unwanted rough play or aggression, coyotes, birds of prey, and any other predatory animal.

Utilizes a series of hard, hollow, rounded plastic spikes capable of preventing a predator from grabbing a pet with its jaws or claws. 

This harness is very lightweight and breathable despite its appearance.

Spike strips are removable for group play and for easy cleaning of the entire harness.

Includes buckles or Velcro (depending on the size) and adjustable straps to firmly and comfortably secure the harness to the dog.

Your regular leash can be attached to the 'D-ring' at the collar base as any regular harness.

Features a neck-covering shield to further protect the animal while the remainder of the harness protects sensitive areas of the torso.

Offers a simple and convenient tool to keep pets safer from numerous predators while outdoors in any environment.

Who we are

The PredatorBWear harness was developed by two Veterinary professionals in North Vancouver BC, Canada.  We have 27 years experience between us and in that time there have been countless dogs who have been under our care with wounds from other dogs, coyotes, birds of prey and even raccoons!  

​PredatorBWear is passionate about helping you protect your beloved dogs while you are hiking in the woods, playing at the park or even while they are in their own backyard! Predator attacks are on the rise as our cities expand into neighbouring forests and wooded areas. It's time we protect our favourite canines and give their owners piece of mind!

Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. The team at PredatorBWear knows that every product counts, and strives to make the entire shopping experience as rewarding and fun as possible. 

Chihuahua in spiked protection harness



Daisy couldn't wait to try on and show off her new PredatorBWear harness that she received today!

Jennifer, Victoria BC

Frank's harness arrived today.  Thank you for such a great product and the card was an awesome extra.  I have just put it on him and it fits well.

Laith, Australia

Thanks to my daughter-in-law for the predator protection vest for Sophie and to Alison and Janice of PredatorBWear for creating this awesome product!  Now we can hike the trails a little more safely!

Brenda, North Vancouver BC

I absolutely “love” the protective harness by PredatorBWear! The harness gives me peace of mind that my chihuahua, Kai is safe and not in jeopardy while we are out enjoying a hike or on one of our favorite trails in the Golden Ears. It’s not uncommon to come across coyotes and other wildlife where we live. Before finding the PredatorBWear harness I was nervous to venture out too far into nature with my little guy. Now nothing holds Kai and I back from our next adventure! The harness fits comfortably, protects around the neck and the spikes are easy to remove for playtime or when you want to give it a good cleaning. I highly recommend this harness for any outdoor adventurer and their pup! 😊 Thank you

Nicole, Maple Ridge, BC

The ladies at PredatorBWear are amazing to deal with. They answer questions personally and timely. I purchased two harnesses for our small dogs,22lb Lucy and 17lb Angel. The product is extremely well made, very sturdy. The straps and buckles are easily adaptable to the unique sizes of our two dogs. Thankfully they were very patient while I made adjustments. Purchase and delivery was no hassle and I received my products quickly. Thank you PredatorBWear!!! Many Cariboo Adventures in our future.

Andrea, Cariboo BC


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Refund/Exchange Policy

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Legal Disclaimer

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Your dog's safety is your own responsibility. PredatorBWear is not responsible for how the harness is used. In no event will PredatorBWear be held liable for any injury to either a dog or human from use or misuse of our products. Use at your own risk.

Our protective harness is for intervention only. We cannot guarantee that your dog will not be attacked while wearing the PredatorBWear harness.

PredatorBWear is released from all liabilities if an animal is injured and/or dies from the PredatorBWear product. Use at your own risk.

Our harness is not to be used at dog parks, off leash dog play parks or while playing roughly or enthusiastically with other dogs. We cannot guarantee that there will not be an injury to either dog or human while playing. We are not responsible if this happens.

It is the responsibility of the owner or care taker of the dog to be responsible for their dog while the dog is wearing our harness. Use at your own risk.

We do not recommend using the PredatorBWear harnesses in a dog park setting. Spike strips are removeable.